Pimentón La Pastora. Pimentonízate

La Pastora in the Mujeres S mentoring program with Banco Santander.

La Pastora takes part  in Mujeres S program with Banco Santander on female mentoring.

The Mujeres S program is a Banco Santander initiative to encourage female talent and leadership. Mujeres S is part of the Generation 81 project, which aims to encourage female entrepreneurship and the development of their professional careers.

S Women is aimed at all those women who wish to grow in their profession in different areas, from promotion to senior management to even starting up their own business. The goal is to promote personal and professional development, making them feel capable of reaching those goals they have set for themselves.

From La Pastora, María Sanchez is responsible for carrying out this project. Maria is the mentor and will have her mentor (which we will tell you soon). Maria will guide this woman in her project as an entrepreneur telling her how we develop our work at La Pastora and what are the tricks and tactics for business success.

Mujeres S will take place in Murcia in different workshops between March, May and June.

Stay tuned! Soon more news!

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