Pimentón La Pastora. Pimentonízate

La Pastora with the best chefs of the Region of Murcia

Have you ever heard about “The Best Chefs in the Region”? It is an initiative of Gastroplan, from the newspaper La Verdad de Murcia, through which for some weeks in January and February, hundreds of people were able to enjoy a selection of exquisite dishes created by seven of the best chefs in the Region of Murcia.

And why are we telling you about this initiative in this blog? Because we had the great honour of being present at the starters of the menu that Estrella and Ana Carrillo, the chefs of the Santa Ana restaurant, prepared for this initiative. And what about you?  Did you have the opportunity to try La Pastora “Paprika Pearls with cod” from the menu prepared by the Carrillo sisters?

Paprika pearls are the perfect complement for innovative, creative and professional cuisine. Dare to make new recipes at home using a unique product that does not go unnoticed by the senses! Their use is so versatile that you can use them to make everything from classic cheese toast to sushi and even transform more traditional recipes such as roasts or pasta into something extraordinary.

Of course, you can also revolutionize your home kitchen with La Pastora products.

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