Primer concurso de tapas

First author tapas contest

La Pastora, a leading brand manufacturer of 100% pure paprika, has organized from October 15 yo 25 the I Contest of Author’s Tapas of Murica, a culinary contest with which the firm intends to revolutionize the creativity and quality of Murcian gastronomy like never before.

La Pastora, A family business founded in 1945 and currently run by the third generation, it launches this initiative with the aim of becoming promoters and supporters of the most innovative, avant-garde and creative cuisine in the Murcian capital. The firm has brought together a total of 26 establishments, which are already working on the creation of an exquisite tapa, which must incorporate one of the brand’s most innovative and exclusive ingredients: the Paprika pearls.

The treasure of the Red Pearl of La Pastora, the best kept secret of the prestigious brand, it will be the undisputed star of the tapas that restaurateurs must make, enhancing their creative capacity to the maximum. The covers they present in the contest must be unpublished. Thus, restaurateurs must discover how to pair Paprika Pearls with different ingredients. They will explore the infinite flavors that gastronomy offers and its many combinations. Murcian chefs will be in charge of creating and making known to the general public the perfect dish with the red pearls of La Pastora.

The participating restaurants are:

You can download the list of restaurants here

El Parlamento Andaluz: Almadraba tuna on corn toast and guacamole. lime mayonnaise, chives, pastora chamomile reduction and smoked and spicy paprika pearls.

Boxexperience: Octopus couscous, couscous with octopus broth, baked octopus carpaccio and Ras El Hanut sauce with smoked paprika pearls.

El Portal del Belluga: Octopus a la pastora, rock octopus with mashed potato and paprika and smoked paprika pearls from the shepherdess.

Touché: Potato foam with paprika oil and crunchy octopus with paprika pearls.

El Churra: Prawn toast with paprika garlic, prawn on charcoal toast with paprika garlic, wakame seaweed, coral tile and smoked paprika pearls.

El Rincón Huertano: Rock octopus, octopus with zucchini, onion, sea asparagus, parmesan cream and spicy paprika pearls.

Del Gallo Blues: Octopus with creamy potato and truffle and paprika pearls.

Bar Kiosco Ben Arabi: From the sea, mussels on aioli with spicy paprika pearls.

Cafetería Tebas: Corvina on a bed of potatoes a lo poor with spicy paprika pearls.

Cucu Food Experience: Artichoke flower with Iberian ham foam and spicy paprika pearls.

La Caña de España: Duck ham toast with quail egg and smoked paprika pearls.

Acuario: Cod in textures with la pastora paprika pearls, cold smoked cream in an ice glass and cod biscuit, beetroot and spicy paprika pearls.

Barriga Verde: Pickled mussels, red pickled gazpachuelo, its granita and smoked paprika pearls.

Perro Limón: Creamy squid tip and paprika pearls, brief description of the tapa: creamy pasta with squid broth, kafir lime mayonnaise and smoked super paprika pearls.

Bar Greco: Egg a la pastora, fried egg with potatoes and vegetables, crunchy ham, padrón peppers and spicy paprika pearls.

Keki: Paprika cheese cannelloni (dessert), mushroom jelly-based cannelloni, comté cheese mousse, red berries and smoked paprika pearls.

Pura Cepa: RIN RAN, adaptation of the typical Rin Ran salad of chaplains and roasted potato.

La Pequeña Taberna: Taking flight, zarangollo, shrimp and paprika pearls.

Casa Josico: Oxtail delicacy a la pastora, stewed oxtail croquette with carrot sauce and smoked and spicy paprika pearls.

La Vieja Ermita: Sea and land artichoke, artichoke cooked at low temperature with leek, onion and shrimp, accompanied by the juice of its own background, chives, sauce with violet gratin and smoked paprika pearls.

La Puerta de Murcia: Chicken, thigh and thigh delicacies at a low temperature, sautéed with coriander and leek. 4 cheese tile, quail egg poached with smoked paprika pearls.

Los bichitos: Carved octopus with spicy paprika pearls, bed of roasted potatoes with tomato, spicy chilli and octopus with spicy paprika pearls.

Odiseo: Sobrasada of cow macerated for one hundred days with caramelized ensaimada.

Ático Bar: Smoked sardine with confit tomato and smoked paprika pearls.

FBI: The pioneer, mini free-range chicken with toasted milk ali oli, cheddar, Iberian ham, tomato and smoked paprika pearls.

Hamburguesa Roquera: Easter box, confit potato stuffed with truffle yolk, mushroom béchamel and spicy paprika pearls.

La Corra

A jury of gastronomic specialists will be in charge of tasting and scoring the tapas, and awarding the prize for the best Murcian Author’s Tapa. The I Contest of Author’s Tapas will also have a popular vote of all those people who travel the exquisite route of locals in the city. La Pastora is an innovative, avant-garde firm that manufactures all its
products in a traditional way, without additives or preservatives. It makes the varieties of sweet, spicy and smoked paprika, both conventional and organic. Likewise, it also manufactures a line of gourmet and ecological products such as the brand’s treasure: paprika pearls, selected at the Sial Innova5on Paris 2018 International Fair. Other excellent products of the brand are almonds with paprika and red coffee.

Some chefs present their tapas to us:


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