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Everything you didn’t know about saffron.

As we have recently launched La Pastora Saffron, we are going to review the most curious characteristics of this spice. It is a unique product with a story to tell, exceptional nutritional benefits, an uncommon appearance and very varied culinary applications.

La Pastora paprik azafran

Many scientific studies confirm that this spice has great nutritional benefits. To begin with, it is an excellent antidepressant, it is even said to have the same capacity as prozac. It also boosts memory and can be very valuable in people with Alzheimer’s disease. It can also reduce the discomfort that occurs before menstruation. It is an excellent skin protector, it protects against the sun’s rays and keeps the skin hydrated. Finally, it is worth mentioning the antioxidant properties it has, providing a great defense to the organism and favoring fertility.

la pastora paprik beneficios nuticionales azafran

The saffron flower has three pistils, and in exceptional cases, up to six. This is known as the Melguiza, and is a very exceptional case in nature. In fact, its plant is seedless. Its cultivation begins with the direct planting of a bulb or mother onion.


Saffron is the oldest known spice and for this reason it leaves us with historical curiosities that you probably did not know. In ancient times, it was not just a food seasoning. In the Dead Sea area it was believed that the white of the paper was harmful to the eyes. That is why they moistened their parchments with saffron water, which gave them that characteristic reddish colour. In Persia in the 10th century, this was also used with other motifs. It was used as part of the ritual offering to the gods at funerals. Similarly, when the plague hit Europe it was widely used as a medicinal remedy.


The authentic Arabian coffee is prepared with this spice. In fact, in the countries of the Persian Gulf, the traditional welcome gesture is to offer guests tea with cardamom and saffron. This has also been an object of divine interest, forming part of classical antiquity mythology in the sacred category of Olympus. The Bible also dedicates a passage in the Old Testament to it. It has also been the subject of paintings and altarpieces in the history of art.

So much for our curiosities about saffron. However, you should know that this is a unique product, and that all the information we have provided you with is just a few. If you have found this information interesting, we recommend you to find out more about its uses and traditions, since knowing about what we eat is always a good option. Click here or here and you can find out much more in these interesting articles.

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