Sustainable Food Day

In La Pastora we want to celebrate that today is Sustainable Food Day. With this day, we try to promote a type of food production, preparation and consumption that respects the environment and local traditions. This can be very beneficial for less favoured communities. That is why we are going to give you some advice so that you can contribute to sustainability with your food.

The Fair Trade label

One very simple thing is to check the labelling of the products. We should look for the fair trade label on them. Since 2013, the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), introduced this label to recognize those products that produce, distribute, sell and are consumed according to standards. These are based on adequate working conditions and wages, on the non-exploitation of children, on gender equality and on respect for the environment.

Say NO to palm oil

Closely related to the product label, there are other aspects that we should be aware of in order to contribute to a more sustainable consumption. We must check that the products we consume do not contain palm oil, or substitutes of it. It is a product that makes production cheaper and is used by large food companies. However, its extraction depends on the deforestation of large forests around the world. Consequently, this causes many species to be displaced from their natural habitat and a large part of the world’s biodiversity to be lost. It is also known that this product can be harmful to health.

Our organic line.

Similarly, in the same package of our organic line we can find even more information. At La Pastora we offer the organic line in which we guarantee absolute respect for the environment, as the products have been grown on land without pesticides or chemical products. And of course with the traditional flavour of our paprika. You can find all the products of this line if you click here.


bio export gastronomía sostenible

Sustainability also present in the kitchen

Finally, we should talk about the treatment of products. When we cook our recipes with paprika, a great idea would be to keep what is left over in a lid. It is good for having the leftsovers for preparing the dinner at the same time that we are being eco-friendly. We should try to use as little as possible of materials such as kitchen paper, aluminum foil and film, as these are all single-use materials.

We hope that with this eco-tips, you have been helped and as a consequence, you can contribute to a more sustainable world for all of us. Even if we do not believe it, with our small actions, we can contribute to make our planet a better place. For more information about the meaning of this day we recommend you to visit this article from the United Nations.

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