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About us

We highly respect traditional values and fill them with positive aspects. The outcome of this perfect combination is the improvement and constant innovation of this tradition, generation after generation.

This has been the gist in La Pastora, now with the 4th generation in charge of manufacturing our Red Gold paprika.

Luis Sánchez García e hijas S.L., La Pastora, is a renowned company based in Murcia and committed to the production of 100% pure paprika and other gourmet paprika-based products.

Descending from a first generation who founded the limited partnership in 1945, La Pastora was reborn with the third generation in 1996 with a paternalistic model of leadership inherited from the former mother company. Before long, the four Sánchez Garcia sisters turned La Pastora into a leading enterprise with a professional vision. By creation of corporate control systems, they pay careful attention and respect to the members of the family in order to enhance and obtain the status they deserve.

Pimentón La Pastora
Pimentón La Pastora. Pimentonízate

‘Pimentonízate from breakfast to dinner!’

La Pastora is committed to the creation and development of a healthier society. Knowing about the sheer number of benefits derived from the nutritional properties of their 100% pure paprika is their compromise. The slogan ‘Pimentonízate from breakfast to dinner’ is their mission and their chief executives Teresa, Inma, Luisa y María Sánchez make it possible. With this slogan, it is clear that La Pastora is a brand concerned about nutrition and offers, as a result, a line-up of conventional and ecological products such as smoked, sweet  and hot paprika.

Moreover, La Pastora has been the driving force of change with Innovation. It created new ideas and products with the goal to create opportunities to consume paprika powder differently, without leaving behind the traditional ways.

We have elevated from the established, changing shapes which remodel La Pastora into an enterprise unique innovator within the industry of paprika manufacturers, not only at a national level but worldwide. Its ‘Café Colorao Project’, and Organic Paprika Pearls, for instance, are considered to be the greatest innovations in R+D and only with private funds. In fact, the famous Paprika Pearls were nominated as Food Innovation in the International Food Exhibition (SIAL) which took place in Paris in 2018.

La Pastora supplies factories, catering industries and end consumers. Last but not least, La Pastora supports the sport scene in the Region of Murcia, Spain, in a permanent way due to the fact that nutrition is a key factor in the efficiency of professional athletes and paprika contributes to it by providing energy and nutrients.

La Pastora is a Total Life of tradition, improvement and innovation.

Note: In 1978, La Pastora’s paprika was currently sold in Canada in bags of 50 kg.

La Pastora feels proud of being part of Associations such as:

  • A.F.E.X.P.O: Association of Manufacturers and Shippers of Paprika which at the same time belongs to ESA: European Spice Association.
  • A.M.E.F.M.U.R: Murcia’s Association of familiar enterprises.
  • La Pastora also takes part in Experience Forum created by Amefmur and the Chair of familiar enterprises of the University of Murcia as well as in conferences about mediation in familiar enterprises.
  • O.M.E.P: Organization of bussiness women and professionals from Murcia.
  • Linked to Murcia’s chamber of commerce in projects such as Now How since 1999 and also in Trade Missions abroad.
Pimentón La Pastora. Pimentonízate
Pimentón La Pastora. Pimentonízate

Merits Record

  • Certified in Quality ISO 9001:2015.
  • Certified BIO by the CAERM (governing body for organic agriculture)
  • Certified in Kosher by Star-K, USA.
  • Mentioned in ‘Success Stories” by the Institute of Promotion of Murcia in 2013.
  • Honorific Mention in Businesswoman by OMEP in 2014.
  • Part of TV show BBC ONE, UK, “Escape to the Continent” in 2015.
  • Awarded by COPE with the title Businesswoman 2017.
  • Grant of the patent “ES PAPRIKA CAVIAR” in paprika esterification in 2018.
  • Grant of the patent “COLORAO” (combination of coffee with paprika) in 2018.
  • Nomination to SIAL innovation in 2018, in the International Food Exhibition which took place in Paris for one of the most famous and innovative products, organic paprika pearls.
  • Internationalisation runner-up in 2018 in Lorca’s Chamber of Commerce.
  • Nominee to the National Award Pyme 2018 in the category Internationalisation runner-up by Santander in 2019.
  • Honorific mention in Internationalisation in the Mercurio Awards 2018 given by Murcia’s Chamber of Commerce in 2019.
  • Gold Medal of Merit in Workplace awarded by the European Association of Economy and Competitiveness in May 2019.

Amelia Gomariz from the 4th Generation of La Pastora is in charge of collecting the honorific mention in export 2018 awarded by Murcia’s Chamber of Commerce in May 2019.

La Pastora keeps expanding worldwide. In the last years, it has rerouted its sales to the retail product, more specifically the range of products which receive the name Pimentonízate directly targeted to quality-minded consumers, concerned with purity and nutrition.

Pimentón La Pastora

From breakfast to dinner.

La Pastora manufactures 100% pure paprika. The products available range from every possible combination of sweet, smoked and hot paprika, natural or steam-treated. 

 Get ready to prepare delicious recipes with La Pastora products, and surprise your taste buds.

Nutritional Benefits:

Paprika will give your meals the extra benefits you need for a balanced diet.

Various Recipes:

Prepare delicious recipes with paprika and surprise your palate with the latest innovations.